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Marketing for Young Lawyers - The Way to Get and Retain Clients (2nd ed.)

by Lee Tatt Boon

Publisher - Pelangi ePublishing Sdn. Bhd.

Category - Law

For modern-day lawyers, there is more to legal practice than just knowing the principles of law. Legal practice has become a business, and to sustain it, lawyers must have clients who provide the work. To get new clients or retain old ones, it is crucial for lawyers to market their services. The marketing of legal services is not just about advertising a lawyer's services. Neither is it about having lunches and cocktails or dishing out calling cards. It is much more than that and it includes client relations, prompt service, and many other things. Marketing, despite its importance, has never been part of the law school curriculum and hence lawyers post-graduation have no inkling what marketing is all about. Recognizing the importance of marketing for modern-day lawyers, this book has been written for young lawyers to learn the principles of legal marketing, using a structured approach. Lawyers will find this book useful as it not only tells them why and how lawyers should market their services, but it also provides them with practical tips and insights on building a reputation—an important ingredient of marketing, on how lawyers should position themselves and communicate their reputation, as well as on developing a strong relationship with clients. The book also provides measures, both essential as well as discretionary, to retain the clients which the lawyers have worked so hard to acquire.

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